Other Injuries

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There are many different scenarios where injury can result. Below are just a few examples of the kinds of injuries that Curan & Ahlers handles for our clients. As with all injuries, seek treatment first, but then when able, obtain the council of a proven and experienced personal injury attorney who can help you receive the compensation you are entitled to while protecting your rights.

Municipal Liability

Municipal liability involves the liability of a state, city, town or country such as the state of New York. An injury can be suffered as a result of the condition of city roads, from the normal work of the police or fire departments, a slip and fail at a municipal building, or any other accident that involves a municipality. It’s very important to remember that a notice of claim must be filed shortly after the accident, which why an attorney should be consulted as soon as possible.

Product Liability

Product liability is a broad term that covers cases where products are negligently designed or built. This category includes automobiles with failed brakes, plastics that melt in the microwave when they’re not supposed to, a ladder that collapses when it shouldn’t, a fan that breaks and hits somebody in the eye, or a tool or machine that’s defective and somebody is injured.  When a product doesn’t work as it’s supposed to and someone is injured, they should consult with an attorney and see if there is a foundation for a lawsuit.

Construction Accidents

When working on a job in a commercial building in New York State there are special protections for workers called the labor laws.  Under the labor law the landlord or owner of the building is strictly liable for any accident involving the height or demolition or demolition.  Curan & Ahlers has handled many cases where workers were injured and safety regulations weren’t followed. Most of these cases, because height is usually involved, tend to result in very serious injuries. Victims of construction accidents should speak with a competent personal injury attorney as soon as possible to learn what their rights are.

Police Brutality

Despite the fine work of police departments everywhere, there’s always the case of a bad apple being found among the many fine officers who serve us in law enforcement every day. Occasionally a police officer goes overboard in assaulting a person and causing grave injuries, including death or shooting. In these cases the job of the plaintiff lawyer is to ensure that justice is served and victims are compensated accordingly. Curan & Ahlers is known for its success in police brutality cases when they arise.

Security Negligence

A security negligence case can arise with an apartment or hotel where the locks are broken or the light bulbs are out and the landlord doesn’t do anything about it and then something horrible happens such as an assault or rape. These can be difficult cases to prove, especially if the perpetrator is caught. Curan & Ahlers’ experience includes successfully prosecuting cases of security negligence for their clients.


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