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It is believed that an error is made in 1/3 of all medical procedures. Even the smallest of these carry life-altering consequences.

Even the best trained doctors make mistakes.  When they do, you need to know that your law firm will be there to help you recover.  As hospitals and all medical work become more and more monetized, there is increased pressure to treat as many patients as possible as quickly as possible. Instead of being looked at as a human being, you are treated as a commodity, and a potentially expendable one.  According to the Institute of Medicine, as many as 98,000 people die each year from avoidable medical errors.

At Curan & Ahlers we have years of experience helping people who have suffered due to medical malpractice. Over the years we have earned a reputation for standing up to medical corporations and doctors. We will not back down from a fight and will not stop fighting for you until you have received the compensation you are entitled to.

Drug and Medical Device Litigation

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The most valuable currency in our country is trust. It’s because of this trust that we put our lives in the hands of corporations that produce the drugs and medical devices that we hope will keep us healthy. However, in a rush for profits these companies have sold defective drugs and medical devices in increasing numbers. The drug or medical device you are using to help with one ailment may have side effects that can lead to new, and in many cases worse, conditions. Some of these side effects may even have deadly consequences.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to defective drugs or medical devices, you understand the pain that they can cause. This isn’t limited to physical pain. The emotional pain and suffering is often the hardest part to deal with, and can affect an entire family. You need an experienced New York drug lawsuit attorney who is not afraid to take the fight to big corporations and not back down.

Many attorneys look to immediately settle your case and move on. At Curan & Ahlers, our New York drug lawsuit attorneys believe that everybody deserves to be represented by the best; someone who not only sees you as a client but as a person. Not only are we experienced litigation attorneys, we will help guide you through the difficult time after an injury and make sure you are on the path to recovery. We promise to restore your dignity and make sure you are treated fairly and with respect by these big corporations.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to a defective drug or medical device please call us at: (914) 428-3313 or fill out our online contact form  to find out what your rights are.