What Should You Do If You Are Injured?

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Curan & Ahlers LLP
If you are involved in an accident of any kind and you are injured, the first thing to do is to get whatever medical treatment is needed. Your health and safety are the most important things. Then, as soon as possible, speak to a competent personal injury attorney. After an accident, there are certain things that have to be protected. Having someone qualified to look after this for you is necessary if you need to receive compensation. An experienced personal injury lawyer will know exactly what to do.

For example, at the scene of the accident there might be skid marks on the road that should be photographed. There might be witnesses on the police report from whom statements can be taken. There may be other photographs that should to be taken. It’s very important, once you are safe and able, to speak to a competent attorney to make sure that your rights and your case are properly protected.

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