Hip Implant Recalls

Posted by Keith J. Ahlers - July 12, 2011 - C&A Blog - No Comments

Hips are an integral part of the body’s frame that give us support, allows us to move freely, and perform daily activities with ease. There may be some instances, however, that the hips may need hip replacement because of certain factors like wear and tear due to being affected by degenerative joint diseases or accidents. This is no longer unusual. Hip implants are common, especially to those who are aging and to those who perform active and extreme activities.

The surgical procedure itself is very serious. What’s more serious is the widespread announcement of a hip implant recall. Most companies have already started campaigning for the awareness of hip implant recall in the United States since most products used for the hip implant procedure have been known to cause serious health problems.

It is best not to wait for the problems to begin. The hip implant recall started because there are known cases that reported a large number of patients complaining about severe pain, difficulty in walking, and serious infections. This was known to result from defective hip implant devices, which caused most patients to lose their leg, or worse, their lives.

Know what products and companies have been called for a hip implant recall so you can get a heads up on what to do next. If your implant is on the list of those that are called for a hip implant recall and you are not experiencing pain, you still may be at risk for the same possibly serious conditions, as well.

Several medical lawsuit cases have been filed because of the hip implant recall against companies that have been manufacturing the materials. The main reason for this is an alarming number of serious cases that have been reported due to failure of the hip implant that led to numerous surgeries following the actual process. A compensation package is then granted to those who are eligible for it depending on the standard given by the company.

It is never a bad thing to make your life easier and having a hip implant is a beautiful thing to have. It can bring back a person’s self confidence, the ability to work again, the release from pain, and a great chance at living their lives to the fullest. Be cautious and be aware of your next surgery. Your vigilance can protect you and your loved ones.

There are problems that usually arise and defective products may alter your life completely just like that. The hip implant recall paved way to numerous replacements as compensation for medical expenses for the people who have been affected. However they compensate for the fees paid and the lost income that these patients have experienced, hip implant recall may not be enough to alleviate the trauma that they once felt.